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01/17/2014 - Renewal of the photographic collection

Just before the holidays, we replaced the photocollection in 'den atelier' and we regrouped all the engines on display. This way the visitor gets an idea of the veolution of the engines between 1903 and 1950.

18/12/2013 - Renewal of the photographic collection
We have started a renewal operation at the museum. The complete photographic exhibition will be renewed over the coming months. The first four new panels have been installed with three more to come in the first week of January 2014.
During 2014 about 15 to 20 more of these panels will be put on display depicting the history of aviation in Antwerp.
15/12/2013 - Concert at the Museum - The pictures
12/12/2013 - Official showing of promotion films

For some time now there has been a close cooperation between the Stampe & Vertengen museum and the local town administration. This resulted in the making of a promotional films on the five musea in Deurne, of which our museum is one.
These films can be found at on the website :

21/11/2013 - JERO model finds it's place in Museum

The museum collection has acquired a model of the famous JERO, a biplane built in the 1910-1913 period by the Antwerp based company Bollekens. The model was made at the time by the father of Francis Bollekens, who now has donated it to the Stampe & Vertongen Museum.
At present we are working on an information panel about the activities of the Bollekens company.
11/11/2013 - New Stampe based in Antwerp

One of these days, Stampe SV.4 OO-MON will be flown to Antwerp. The aircraft will be stored in the flying part of the Stampe-Vertongen Museum.

18/10/2013 - Dummies on display

Work on the mezzanine is advancing at a steady pace. Only yesterday the first of the new displays was opened: we now have three WWII-pilot dummies on display: a German, an American and an English fighter pilot. All three in full original gear and uniform.
The dummies are on loan from Emile Keersmaekers, a collector of WWII aviation artifacts.
We just hope that the guys won't fight.

14/09/2013 - New addition to the collection

Recently a radial engine (type used on the Constellation) was donated to the museum. This engine is partially opened and fitted with an electrical powersource, so that the visitor can clearly see how this type of engine works.
13/09/2013 - The return of the Camel
On the occasion of the 100 anniversary of the Belgian Military Aviation, the museum's Sopwith Camel was lent to the Beauvechain airbase as eye catcher for their festivities on 6 and 7 september. The aircraft was collected and returned by the Belgian Army and treated with the utmost care. The museum's Harvard was also part of the flying display, flown by Danny Cabooter.
01/2013 - Under construction

The refurbishing of the 1st floor is going according to plan. The displaycase for the new models Messerschmitt Bf.109 an Huricane is nearing completion. Meanwhile work has started on the display case for the W.W.II pilots (an Englishman, an American and a German, all three in original outfit)
At the same time, we are overhauling the photocollection on display, which will be presented in a uniform and more informative way. New techniques and a subsidy from Antwerp Town make this project happen. The first panel - depicting the airport's civil commanders - is already on display.
We also received some new objects:
- a pais of original flying glasses, worn by Commandant Vlieger Christiaens at the time when he was part of "Les Manchots", the Belgian Air force's SV4 acro team.
- a brass commemoration plaque ordered by the Aeroclub de Belgique at the time of the International Air Meet at Temse in 1912.

12/2012 - Under construction

Our volunteers have started the refurbishing of the 1st floor. Over the next couple of weeks the collection will be re-arranged and some dummies in WW.II pilot's uniforms will be added to the collection. Together with these, a Hurricane and Messchermitt BF.109 will be put on display; both types have been based at Antwerp airport during the hostilities. Uniforms and models are on loan from Miel Keersmaekes.

22/09/2012 - Engine on the blocks at the Museum

Except for a short spell, our litlle juwels were out blinking in the sunshine all afternoon. We greeted about 170 visitors who enjoyed the event.
Although one or two engines made life a bit difficult, they all did their job in the end.
The day ended around 5.45pm after a short wrestling match with a difficult Fouga, who did not like it to be put inside again.
All volunteers were tired, but happy with yet another successful event.

13/09/2012 - Museum used as location for TV production
Over the last 2 days, Antwerp Airport was the location for a new Canvas production 'Niets is zwart-wit' (Nothing is Black and White) on W.W.I in which our Nieuport, Albatros and Sopwith Camel will play a leading roll. The programme is scheduled for November 13th, 2012.
Our volunteers Paul Soons and Walter Van Brempt make an appearance as stand-ins.
05/05/2012 - 13th Antwerp Aivaition Fair

The Aviation Society of Antwerp held her yearly Antwerp Aviation Fair in the museum's hangar. Some 250 people found their way to this event. Although the weather was freezing cold, everybody enjoyed the gathering and a lot of them went home with newly acquired 'treasures'...
A good many books, photo's and other trivia changed owners.
The Aviation Society of Antwerp wishes to thank the Stampe en Vertongen Museum and airport personnel for their assistance and cooperation.

26/04/2012 - The Museum grows!

As announced earlier the remains of a second V1 have now arrived at the museum.
Today some of our volunteers, assisted by the airport's fire brigade, have been collecting the remains at the City's warehouses.


VRT Canvas made some recordings of this event, for later use.
The different parts of the V1 are now on display in the museum's workshop.
We wish to thank the airport's management for their logistics assistance.




18/04/2012 - Second V1 for the museum

The Stampe and Vertongen Museum and the City of Antwerp have decided to put on display at the museum some pieces of a second V1 which were stored by the city's technical departments. This V1 was shot down during the war.
In the next few days this second V1 will be delivered at Antwerp Airport.
We'll keep you informed.

11/03/2012 - Presentation Capt. Eric 'Winkle' Brown

The airport's press centre was overflowing with people who came to see and hear Capt. Eric 'Winkle' Brown on Sunday morning. The most decorated pilot in the Royal Air Navy and holder of the record of flying the most different aircraft (490 different types) knew how to fascinate the public and keep them quiet for an hour and a half. Eric told us about the struggle for speed during and after the Second World War: the know-how of the Germans, the Engish catching up and in the end the Aericans who broke the soundbarrier for the first time.
This fantatastic 93 year old, saw and did it all, and is lucky to be able to tell about it.

From left to right : Standing : Danny Cabooter en Bob Rongé; Sitting: Eric 'Winkle' Brown, Dirk Buytaert en Tony De Bruyn. In the background: mrs. Brown en De Bruyn.

08/02/2012 - Fokker DVII project
Progress has been made in the Fokker DVII project with the arrival of the new propellor made by the ets. Poncelet.
Next step will be some testruns with the propellor mounted. When these turn out to be positive, the propellor will be returned to Poncelet for finalisation.




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