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22nd Antwerp Stampe & 6th Ercoupe Fly In

Although the weather forecast for Saturday and Sunday went from rainy to horrible storm, we enjoyed a nice warm weekend.
Friday 10am, everybody was present to start with the preparations, and by 5pm we were ready to start.
Saturday 8am: coffee and cake to start the day. Weather was cloudy, but eventually it turned out as a sunny day, no wind and quite a crowd. The English Stampes had send message that they would not show up, due to the bad weather forecast. But we had some Belgian Stampes and two Dutch Tiger Moth’s. The Mustang made a nice presentation, later in the day followed but the two-seater Spit who made his appearance around 5pm.
The evening BBQ went well, the spirit was high. Around 1am we closed the doors…
Sunday 8am: coffee and cake for the volunteers, who had a very short night and suffered of a lack of energy. So we made the coffee extra strong and got everybody started by 9 o’clock. The sky was all grey and showers were announced. We had had a lot of rain during the night. So we started in a subdued mood, but as morning progressed weather got warmer, with some sunny spells.
The Stampe formation, with nine aircraft, flew around noon, in bad circumstances: very cloudy and a low ceiling. The Spitfire was delayed till around 3pm. They gave a nice show and then were off to homebase Duxford, only to return an hour later due to bad weather around Ghent.
By 5pm we got the message that severe storms were under way and would reach us by 7pm.
So we started closing down, all hands on deck, and got everything locked up by 7pm.
Glad that everything was now save and sound, we enjoyed the last of the beer… but we never saw a drop of rain.

Pictures will follow asap, but you can also visit the ASA website



MOVEMENTS on 19/05/2012
Reg'n Pilot Type
OO-EIR   SV-4      #4
OO-SVA   SV-4      #49
OO-GWA   SV-4      #66
OO-WIL   SV-4      #42
OO-SVB   SV-4      #43
OO-PUS   Ercoupe
SE-XIP Sven Eric - Pira Exp. Thorp T18
N4109C   T-6         #210
PH-TBR Van Leersum T-6
OO-DAF Vormezeele T-6
N298SQ Terluin PA-18
N99280 Van Harlem Ercoupe
N86974 Leeman Belanca Decat.
HB-RCB Zimmermann Pilatus P3
D-EXZW Cuypers SV-4
OO-ROR Cuypers SV-4
PH-VDF Van der Flier P-51       Scat VII
N343NA Vormezeele F. T-28      Navy 212
N328B Hellings Luc T-28      USAF
OO-147 Mangelschots Glasair
OO-OPS   Stearman
PH-WDR Van ter Goot PA-18
NX377WW   T-28      Navy 863
OO-EFN Marchand A. SV-4
OO-DAN Gamme D112
N102CD Praet SR20
D-EFTH Altendeiring C195
OO-SPM Kenis SV-4c
OO-PAM Henny SV-4
G-AIYG Henny SV-4
PH-GVB Van Diemen C172
OO-INB De Bockere Beech 33
N7270W De Meyer T. PA28
PH-KHV Pfundt Beech 18
F-PDHV Verhees Delta
F-PCOR Valvekens SV-4
OO-PAX Leeman SV-4
N9945C Brouwer Luscombe L-8
OO-SHV Rongé C152
D-EGPG Van Genechten DR400
G-ADGV Van der Straeten Tiger Moth
G-AJHS De Haan - Swartz Tiger Moth
OO-CNC Heynen C172
G-CCCA Romain Spitfire
OO-LUK Truyens SV-4
Movements on 20/05/2012
OO-IWA Lathouwers PA-38
OO-GWC Cabooter SV-4
OO-EIR Bedert G. SV-4
OO-PAX Den Hollander E. SV-4
OO-SVB Lathouwers L. SV-4
OO-LUK Truyens G. SV-4
OO-WIL Cuypers R; SV-4
OO-GWA Aelaerts P. SV-4
OO-KAT De Meyer F. SV-4
G-AIYG Henny E. SV-4
N511NF Vormezeele F. Pitts S-2B
OO-SVB Lathouwers L. SV-4
OO-PAX Leeman SV-4
N2XA   Extra 300
OO-LGB Aelaerts PA-18
D-ECQA Van Beirendonck PA-18
With special thanks to Willy & Rina


Sponsors of 2012 Fly In
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