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23rd Antwerp Stampe & 7th Ercoupe Fly In

For once, the weather forecast was right: a cold wet weekend, the worst in the history of our fly in.
Friday : as before the volunteers were present to start preparations of the fly in and around 5pm everybody could go home. The airport’s fire brigade gave us some much appreciated help.
Saturday 7am : coffee to start the day. Rain and much too cold for the time of the year made that a lot of people stayed home. The English Stampes and the Swedish and Italian Ercoupes informed us that they would not show up due to the bad weather. The Spitfire, which had already arrived on Friday evening, made some flights but the traditional demonstration had to be cancelled due to low cloud base. The day ended with a BBQ and we closed doors around midnight.
Sunday 8am : koffie and cookies for the volunteers to start their day. Although at 7am the skie was blue and dry, it had become grey and wet again by this time, and would remain like that for the rest of the day.
The Stampe formation flight had to be postponed till noon, but they did fly although in bad conditions.
The Spitfire on the other hand made a nice performance, followed by the Trojan and a formation flight of the two Harvards.
Around 5pm closed  up and with the help of the volunteers, the fire brigade, airport security and commander Verbist we cleared the terrain in the shortest of times.



Participants - Saturday 11/5/2013

OO-GWC   SV-4    #1
OO-GWA   SV-4    #66
OO-PAX   SV-4    #5
OO-EIR   SV-4    #4
OO-PAM   SV-4    #48
OO-WIL   SV-4    #42
OO-SVG   SV-4    #21
OO-SVA   SV-4    #49
D-EEDW   SV-4c
00-29 Breugelmans Pottier P80S
NX377WW Celis T-28 Trojan   KV863
N86974 Leeman Bellanca Decathlon
OO-TMP Weymiens Piper Pa-28
G-CCCA David Ratcliffe Spitfire T9
N60LT Thijs Pilatus PC-7
N3330H Beil H. Ercoupe
D-EFTH Altendeitering Cessna 195
NC18028 Mc Connell Paul Staggerwing D17S
N511MF F.Vormezeele Pitts Special
OO-PUS Robert Rombouts Ercoupe
ST-26 B.A.F. Siai Marchetti SF260
N4109C   T-6 Texan     210

Participants - Sunday 12/5/2013

OO-GWC Danny Cabooter SV-4
OO-GWB Pol Allaerts SV-4
OO-GWA Truyens SV-4    #66
OO-PAX Laurens Leeman SV-4    #5
OO-EIR Bernard Van Milderd SV-4    #4
OO-KAT Frank De Meyer SV-4
OO-PAM Eddy De Hollander SV-4    #48
OO-WIL Raymond Cuypers SV-4
G-AIYG Ewoout Henny SV-4
N158FJ   Piper Cub Pa-18
OO-OPS Blasi Boeing Stearman
OO-DAF Eric Vormezeele T-6 Harvard
OO-ATY   Pa-18
N1328B Hellings T-28 Trojan TL354
G-CCCA David Ratcliffe Spitfire T9
D-EFTH Altendeitering Cessna 195
N4109C Bernard Van Milderd T-6 Texan      210
OO-DAF Eric Vormezeele T-6 Harvard     50


Sponsors 2013 Fly In
Antwerp Airport
De Koninck
Duvl Moortgat

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