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The Collection


Storing aircraft in an hangar is one thing, setting up a museum is another....

Walking through the Stampe & Vertongen Museum is an experience. Not only will you come face to face with real aircraft, but you will also learn something about Antwerp and its aviation history; of which the airport building is livng proof: one of the most modern airport buildings back in 1930, it is is now the only one of that era still used for what it was built for.
But Antwerp's aviation history is far older: it started in 1909 when the then famous motorcycle driver Jan Olieslagers performed his first flights at the 'Semaine d'Aviation d'Anvers' (the first Antwerp Flying Week) and other pioneers and dare-devils like de Caters made a lasting impresson on our ancestors.
After the hostilities of the First World War, this military field was closed down and a new airfield - far from the town's perimeter - was created.
It was here that Jean Stampe and Maurice Vertongen started their joint-venture, resulting in the 'Ecole d'Aviation d'Anvers' (Antwerp Flying School) and later the Stampe & Vertongen Aircraft factory.
We let you walk through a replica of the first 'Aerogare' (airport building), where you will see the evolution in aircraft design by means of aircraft models.
In 'den atelier' we simulated what could have been part the Stampe factory, you'll see Jean behind his desk overlooking the coming and going of the visitors and keeping an eye on the volunteers.
A special corner has been reserved for the most sinister part of the museum: the V1 flying bomb. Needless to say that this thing is not kept in flying condition.
We then lead you through the story of World War II at the aiport and ending on the first floor with the post war period which runs from 1945 till present day.
You really ought pay us a visit, it's worth your while.

Aircraft on Display

In the static part of the museum you'll find some W.W.I replica aircraft. All types with or against which Jean Stampe and Maurice Vertongen flew during the hostilities.
The flying section of the Stampe & Vertongen Museum consist of a number of Stampe & Vertongen SV.4s, which are regularily used for pleasure flights. They are stored in hangar annex the msueum and owned by private owners.

If you want to make a virtual tour of our collection, please feel free to use the hyperlinks underneath. But better still, why not pay us a visit and see them in real life?

World War I
Albatros - Fokker D.VII - Fokker D.VIII - Nieuport 24 - Nieuport 28 - Sopwith Camel
Worl War II
V1 - North American Harvard
Fouga Magister
Stampe & Vertongen SV4's

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