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North American T.8G Texan (N4109C)


About 22.000 examples of this American trainer were built. They were active during the fifties and sixties, and were used by almost each Air Force around the world, including the Belgian Air Force. The Belgian Air Force operated over 200 Harvards and they were used to train pilots that learned to fly the Stampe before the continued on the Spitfire.
Nowadays the Harvard it still very popular with private owners. Even in Europe, mainly in the UK and Holland, there are quite a few Harvards preserved.

This example saw service in the South African Air Force. It arrived at Antwerpen during 1995 and ever since it is part of the Stampe museum.
The aircraft is fitted with a 600hp Pratt & Whitney engine.

During the winter of 2006, it was partially repainted to star in the movie 'Waiting for Dublin'. The upper side of the fuselage was painted in a new scheme and the filming was done in our hangar.
Most of the flying scenes were filmed using another Harvard.



During 2011 our Harvard was repainted: it now proudly wear the colours of Lt Vlieger Baudouin de Changy who was
tragically killed in the Kongo..
Thanks to Defensie (painting) en Lippens Paints (paint).

Technical data
Built from 1940
Length 8,83 m
Wingspan 12,80 m
Height 3,56 m
Take off weight 2.540 kg
Cruising speed 135 kts
Armament 4 machineguns and rockets under the wings

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