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Nieuport 24 (N2262G)

Built by Carl Swanson

The story of the Frenck constructor Nieuport starts when their engineer Gustave Delage designs the Nieuport 11. Followed by the better known Nieuport which was also used by the Belgian Air Force.
Both the 21 and 23 types were Nieuport 17 look alikes, as was the 24 variation. The latter is a bit more streamlined and possesed a 120hp Le Rhone rotary engine.
The wide upperwing and small underwing are typical for this type.

It first appeared over the Flanders fields during November 1917. Not only the French, but also the Americans used this aircraft. Although the aircraft was difficult to fly, Its outstanding climbing rate made it very popular with the pilots at the time.

The Stampe an Vertongen Nieuport is ready to fly, but due to a shortage 'rotary engine' experienced pilots it does not often take to the skies.
On its last journey out, it was flown by a French pilot from La Ferté Alais.


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