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Nieuport 28 - OO-SMC (ex N128CX)

Built by Robertson Wooldridge

During 1917 the French constructor Nieuport had to change its ways of working if it wanted to remain competitive. They chose a Gnome type 9N Monosoupape engine of 170hp. The wing surface became visibly larger. The classical V-shaped struts were replaced and now placed in parallel. Although the Aviation Militaire Française ordered some of the Nieuport 28's, but eventually chose the Spad XIII.
The Nieuport 28 saw military service with the American Expeditionary Force. They bought 287 machines. This type had good flying conditions and a reasonable speed. Eventually the American Nieuports were also replaced with Spad's
After the war, large numbers of Nieuport 28 were carried back to the USA where they were used as trainers.


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