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Stampe & Vertongen SV.4C (G-AIYG)


This aircraft was restored to mint condition in England, carrying a classical yellow colour scheme. It was built in France and came into service in 1951 with the AĆ©roclub de Cognac. In was sold in Belgium on November 24th, 1965 and flew as OO-CKZ from Grimbergen airfield.
It was officially cancelled from te register in April 1972 and literally disappeared from view.
It ended up in Gerrit Titeca's workshop during the eighties who did a complete restoration and replaced the Renault engine with a Gipsy Major. It was then sold and ferried to England as G-AIYG where the owner applied the coat of arms of Berchem, The man was wrongly convinced that the Stampe factory was situated in Berchem (actually it was in Deurne).
In 1995 the aircraft returned to Belgium but kept its English registration.



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