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Stampe & Vertongen SV.4B (OO-PBL)

ex V-52 Belgian Air Force

The OO-BPL is part of the Antwerp Stampe Center since 2001.
It flew with the Belgian Air Force for more than 25 years as V52. In 1978 it was put up for sale and received its civil markings OO-BPL. On July 5th, 1980 it had a severe crash, killing the owner; the aircraft was severely damaged.

Early nineties, Gerrit Titeca started a restoration project which would take the better part of ten years. June 27th, 2001 saw OO-BPL taking to the skies again.
It's plain white colour scheme is historically correct, as OO-BPL carries the same colours as his pre-war predecessor OO-ATD. The latter was used by Mike Donnet and Leon Divoy, to escape the Germans in the summer of 1941, and fly to England. OO-BPL helps us to remember this adventure

You can read all about this escape in the book 'Ik vloog voor de vrijheid' which is o sale at the museum shop. Regrettably only a Dutch version is available.




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