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Stampe & Vertongen SV.4B (OO-GWB)

ex V-29 Belgian Air Force

This aircraft was one of the first aircraft of the Antwerp Stampe Center  fleet.
It was delivered to the Belgian Air Force in 1951 as V29. In March 1971 it was put up for sale and bought by some private pilots from Ghent who wanted it registered as OO-GWR, but it ended up being OO-GWB.
The Aerclub van Brasschaat became its proud owner in 1974, but sold the aircraft to Danny Cabooter in April 1976.
For years it has been flying in the 'butterfly' colour scheme devised by Danny's wife Patricia.

Some years ago the aircraft had a complete overhaul and was subsequently repainted in the silver colour scheme used by the Belgian Air Force Stampes during the fifties. At the same time its old V29 Air Force marking was re-applied.





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