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Stampe & Vertongen SV.4B (OO-GWD)

ex V-18 Belgian Air Force

OO-GWD is one of the historically important aircraft of our collection. It was delivered to the Belgian Air Force as V18 on October 30th, 1949. For years, it was part of the "Les Machots" acro team of the Belgian Air Force. Pilots of this formation were instructors at the Goetsenhoven Air Base. It was at Goetsenhoven that the new military pilots got their Stampe SV4B experience. The team's aircraft had a black/white colour scheme. The frontal cockpit was covered over and therfor could not be used.
During 1971, the aircraft was sold to the Canadian Air Force's aero club in Germany as SLN-02. In March 1978 it went to the UK as G-BRMC, before becoming part of the Antwerp Stampe Center collection on August 30th, 1993. It was then restored to its "Les Manchots" configuration, hence the closed frontal cockpit.
Due to its historical value, this aircraft is not used for flying, but on permanent display in the static part of the museum.



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