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Stampe & Vertongen SV.4E (OO-KAT)

180hp Lycoming motor

This Stampe left the French factory during November   and was registered as F-BCQZ. It was used by several French aero clubs, before being sold in Belgium in January 1974.The new Belgian owner mr. Gillet, chose OO-KAT markings and operated from Spa.

Early seventies this aircraft was the prototype for the conversion to Stampe SV.4E (use of a Lycoming motor).
In the meantime, worldwide several aircraft have been converted to this type of engine. It is thanks to mr. Gillet's perseverance that today several Stampes have a second life with this type of engine.
During the later nineties, the aircraft had some minor incidents and was put to non-active for some time. After more than 25 years, mr. Gillet sold his Stampe in 2000. Since this time it has been part of the Stampe Museum.



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