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Stampe & Vertongen SV.4B (V-28)

ex V-28 Belgian Air Force

This aircraft was handed over to the Belgian Air Force on April 20th, 1951. Together with V-18 (now OO-GWD) it was part of the "Les Manchots" acro-team. They were present at most air shows, where they were well licked for their perfect mirror-formation flight. V28 remained in service till July 1970 when it was donated to the military museum in Brussels where it went on display in its original Manchots colour scheme.

For years it has been left neglected at the museum's surplus depot at Vrasene. As we knew that conditions in that place were not optimal to store an aircraft which such an historical value, we started to with the museum, resulting in a transfer of the aircraft to our museum.

After months of negotiations, the aircraft was finally transported to Antwerp on August 18th, 2008. Where it is now on display in 'den Atelier'.


The condition in which the aircraft is now is not up to our standards. However the Royal Military Museum wants to keep the aircraft in its original state and thinks it not appropriate to do any restoration on the aircraft for the time being.
We think that this is a missed opportunity to remember and pay tribute to "Les Manchots".


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